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If you are planning to have some electrical installation work done, you need to engage a registered electrical contractor, such as GPE. We will dispatch a licensed and qualified electrician to do the work to the required standards.

At Green Power Electricians, we can offer the following services for you:

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Energy Efficient Solutions






As an environmentally conscious business we strive to provide our customers with the very latest in the design, supply and installation of renewable energy technology.

Look for the energy efficiency labels to help you select household electrical equipment purchases.

Energy labelling is designed to make the energy efficiency of a product a key feature in its selection. Household electrical equipment that must have energy labels includes:

  • air conditioners
  • refrigerating appliances
  • dishwashers
  • clothes washers
  • clothes dryers.
Storage water heaters are subject to minimum energy performance standards.

Wind power

Small wind-electric systems can provide electricity on remote, off-grid sites, or right in town connected to the utility grid. Wind-power systems can make economic and environmental sense. They also bring a great deal of satisfaction—there´s nothing quite like watching your wind generator convert a summer breeze or a winter storm into electrical energy.

Solar power

The sun’s heat and light provide an abundant source of energy that can be harnessed in many ways. There are a variety of technologies that have been developed to take advantage of solar energy. These include power systems, passive solar heating, photovoltaic systems and solar hot water.

Green EnergySolar power can be used in both large-scale applications and in smaller systems for the home. Homeowners can also use solar technologies for domestic hot water heating, or to produce electricity to operate “off-grid” or to sell the extra electricity to the utilities, using a grid-tied solar PV system.

Beyond these localized uses of solar power, utilities and power plants are also taking advantage of the sun’s abundant energy and offering the benefits to their customers. Concentrating solar power systems allow the utilities to produce electricity from the sun on a larger scale, which in turn allows them to forestall building new fossil fuel burning facilities.

Solar power technologies, from individual home systems to large-scale concentrating solar power systems, have the potential to help meet growing energy needs and provide diversity and reliability in energy supplies while reducing CO2 emissions.

Air-Conditioners, Split Systems & Evaporative Coolers






The typical central air conditioning system is a split system, with an outdoor air conditioning, or "compressor bearing unit" and an indoor coil, which is usually installed on top of the furnace in the home.

  • Using electricity as its power source, the compressor pumps refrigerant through the system to gather heat and moisture from indoors and remove it from the home.

  • Heat and moisture are removed from the home when warm air from inside the home is blown over the cooled indoor coil. The heat in the air transfers to the coil, thereby "cooling" the air.

  • The heat that has transferred to the coil is then "pumped" to the exterior of the home, while the cooled air is pumped back inside, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.


  • Indoor comfort during warm weather - Central air conditioning helps keep your home cool and reduces humidity levels.

  • Cleaner air - As your central air conditioning system draws air out of various rooms in the house through return air ducts, the air is pulled through an air filter, which removes airborne particles such as dust and lint.  Sophisticated filters may remove microscopic pollutants, as well.  The filtered air is then routed to air supply duct work that carries it back to rooms.

  • Quieter operation - Because the compressor bearing unit is located outside the home, the indoor noise level from its operation is much lower than that of a free-standing air conditioning unit.

We can install Evaporative Coolers as well as Ducted Refrigerated systems. 

Have you ever tried putting a cool, water-soaked towel over your face?  This works wonders for heat relief.  This is a great thing to do when the weather is searing hot.  This seems like an innocent and simple act.  But this is actually an inspiration of one of the most affordable, efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly cooling systems available on the market today.  This wet towel habit is the inspiration for evaporative cooling.

Power Points & Lighting



Sick of those power boards cluttering up the space under your feet, creating an OHS hazard?  Cords snaking across the office floor, double adaptors and non–compliant appliances are obvious OHS breaches that should be rectified. 

GPE can install additional power points for you in your office or your home. Over time, dust and insects settle on the light fittings and globes, reducing the effectiveness of your lights.

GPE can come and change out dead globes and clean light fittings. If your Office Lighting or Factory Lighting needs upgrading or you need new lights then we can install the wiring and light fittings to keep work spaces well lit.  Light switching adjustments can also be done so that offices not in use can have the lights turned off.

Switches, leads and power points - SAFETY  

Use these simple tips for using and maintaining electrical switches, leads and power points in good working order and making your home safe:

  • Put safety plugs into unused power point sockets to prevent accidental contact
  • Do not overload power points or power boards by "piggy backing" plugs into one socket or by using double adaptors as all power boards have maximum current ratings. Instead, arrange for another power point to be installed by a registered electrical contractor
  • If there is a build up of dirt, moisture, grease or oil on or around power points and switches, arrange for a registered electrical contractor to have them tested
  • Do not allow children to play with power points or switches
  • Place power boards in ventilated areas and keep them free of dust and dirt
  • Do not plug high wattage appliances (such as heaters) into power boards as they could overheat the circuit wiring through overload and cause a fire
  • Do not spray household cleaners, detergents and insecticides on switches and power points
  • Do not wipe power points or switches with a wet cloth
  • Place extension cords carefully around furniture preferably securely taped to the floor, or along wall edges
  • Extension leads should have plugs with three metal cores (pins). Plugs with two cores are not earthed and therefore are dangerous and should be used only with double insulated electrical equipment
  • Only use extension leads as a temporary measure
  • Extension leads that are damaged, frayed or have the inner wires exposed should be thrown away or repaired by a qualified repairman or licensed electrician
  • Do not place extension leads near heaters and cookers
  • Check electrical cords are not hanging from benches where children can grab them
  • Do not connect a piggyback plug to the end of an extension lead to make it longer as the pins will be live. This can be extremely dangerous
  • If using extension leads outdoors check them regularly for signs of damage or age
  • Do not attempt to repair electrical leads yourself, and never join them by twisting or taping
  • Do not make up a long extension lead from a series of shorter ones
  • Never place extension leads under carpet or rugs as they may overheat
  • Fully extend leads on reels when in use

Garden & Landscape Lighting systems


We can install low-voltage or solar garden and landscape lighting systems, suitable for:

  • Garden paths
  • Garden lighting
  • Spot lighting of special places in the garden or home
  • Pool lighting
  • Gazebo, Verandah and Pergola, lightning and power


Alarm & Security Systems

Control access to your building, deter late night burglaries, identify and eliminate employee theft and more.

Good reasons to have a Security System in place:

  • You are concerned about crime at your premises. 
  • Your business has a shrinking inventory and you suspect internal theft.
  • You have had a recent break-in or unusual activity.
  • You want to keep your employees safe.
  • Slips, trips and falls may lead to litigation
  • The current CCTV or alarm system is just not doing its job well enough
  • Insurance companies will give you a discount on your policy

GPE install quality brand Alarm Systems that can be a stand alone local alarm or with back to base 24 hour monitoring facilities via a land line and or supported with a GSM mobile telephone communicator. When installing CCTV surveillance watch features we are also able to provide 24 hour digital recording of one or many selected areas.  This type of alarm system, coupled with a good quality CCTV monitoring and Digital recording will deter criminals and reduce your exposure to litigation.


Closed Circuit TV and Security Information

The technology for CCTV Recording and Monitoring has improved remarkably over the past few years – not only in quality but in simplicity. Your home or business could be under RISK or THREAT - A CCTV System can be designed specifically for you tailored for the types of risks that may be present. Our Team at GPE can consult with you on, which product will best serve your situation.  Some of the products that we use include:

  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s)
    Capture your CCTV Camera images and record them onto a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). If an incident occurs these can be easily saved to CD or DVD and in turn can be viewed as EVIDENCE.

    These systems are easy to use and fast to retrieve footage.  Features of these systems vary depending on the manufacturer and price. 

  • Cameras
    There are many types of cameras so finding the right one for your system needs careful consideration such as; indoor / outdoor, low light, entry ID, number plate ID, or Point of Sale         
  • Location, Quality and Field of View
    These are the components of a successful CCTV Camera Surveillance System but the system is not complete without the recording equipment. The images that are recorded and / or monitored are clear in resolution and time accurate. An Internet connection can be provided so these images can be viewed worldwide.

GPE’s installation process is done in the most professional manner to ensure as little disruption as possible to you or your business.

Phone, Data & Digital TV Installations


GPE can set up home networking systems, distribute telephone, Internet, and audio-visual entertainment throughout your home or office. 


Do you need your existing telephone system relocated to a new office, room or place? 


GPE can either set up or relocate your systems within your time frame and have you up and running when you need to be. 

New Wiring

Building contractors who require new wiring for their building project can contact GPE for all your wiring and electrical system requirements for your new home or extension.

Home Theatres




Set up your home theatre.  Responding to the high demand for home networking attributed to the development of the optical fibre rollout plan and the greater use of digital technologies within the home, GPE can provide you with a home networking system to incorporate it all.  It can be a little difficult to understand what Home Networking systems are - they are simply more modern electrical systems that allow you to do things such as:

  • Network all your computers so they print to the one printer in whatever room it is located
  • Have more incoming phone, fax and Internet lines
  • Distribute music throughout your home
  • Distribute DVD signals to all the TV's in your home
  • Distribute Pay TV signals to all TV's in your home

Ask your GPE representative today for more information.

Safety Switches


Surge Diverter


Safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers and surge diverters.  As such, its imperative to understand the differences:

  • Surge diverters protect the property from voltage surges such as those resulting from a lightning strike. The surge diverter captures the voltage spikes in the wiring within the unit itself which would otherwise be transferred into the equipment within the property.
    • Surge diverters do not act as a safety switch for personal protection against electric shock.
  • Circuit breakers provide short circuit and over-current protection such as when a power point is overloaded..
    • Circuit breakers do not act as a safety switch for personal protection against electric shock.
  • Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and detect a problem which may pose a risk to personal safety and turn the power off within 0.03 of a second.
    • Always remember, safety switches are not a substitute for common sense
Safety switches always have a test button and have 30ma written on them. They are also sometimes labelled with the words "safety switch".

If you are unsure whether you have a safety switch installed, contact a registered electrical contractor or GPE directly.


Circuit Breaker & Safety switch                                              Safety Switch


Smoke Detectors


Maintaining a smoke alarm is more than just changing the battery and testing the alarm with a stick or by pressing the 'battery test' button. You need to know that it will actually work in a fire.

Our qualified technicians will perform a full service on your smoke detector as part of our service to you, including:

  • Ensuring the correct quantity and quality of smoke alarms are installed
  • Ensuring correct positioning of smoke alarms
  • Replace and install as many new top quality photoelectric Australian Standard 3786 smoke alarms and batteries as needed, at no extra cost
  • Repositioning existing alarms as needed
  • Ensuring ventilation holes are clear of obstructions such as insects and their debris
  • Checking the expiry date of every alarm
  • Full function test on every alarm including testing the alarm with artificial smoke
  • Issuing certificate of compliance for the property

Testing & Tagging

With Occupational Health and Safety becoming more prevalent in our society GPE are at the forefront of Test Tagging in accordance with Australian Standards.  Help prevent injury and meet your OH&S requirements by having all your electrical appliances Tested and Tagged in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3760: 2003 today.

  • Test Tagging and logging
  • RCD testing
  • Multiple sites testing
  • Can be done Out-of-hours for your convenience

The process is simple and we come to you and using specialised electrical appliance testing equipment we will conduct the following tests: 

  • Earth continuity - tests that your appliance is properly connected to Earth.
  • Insulation resistance - tests that no current is flowing where it shouldn't be.
  • Leakage test - with the appliance powered on, tests that there is no current flowing where it shouldn't be.
  • Polarity test - Checks that extension cords and power boards are wired correctly.
  • RCD Trip time test - Tests that an RCD ('Safety Switch') will switch off fast enough to prevent injury in the case of a fault developing.
  • RCD current ramp test - tests that your RCD is sensitive enough to the tiny currents.
  • Power testing - checks how much power appliances require – Using too much power on an electrical circuit is dangerous.
  • Electrical supply testing - checks that the power point to which equipment is connected is wired correctly.

Rewiring & Renovations

Make sure your home is safe - arrange for an electrical Home Safety Inspection of the property’s electrical installation today.

How old is your home?   Has the electrical wiring been checked recently by an electrical expert to make sure it is safe and poses no danger to your family, yourself and visitors?

If your home is more than 25 years old, the electrical wiring needed for your lights, cooker, and other electrical equipment and appliances may be potentially unsafe.  The wiring could be deteriorating and unable to cope with the requirements of a modern household and your home could catch fire because of faulty and / or unsafe wiring.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you have made. Your home needs regular maintenance and repairs.  That’s where we come in. The qualified GPE contractor will arrive punctually and is prepared to start working immediately.  We are experienced and trained on the importance of customer service; producing high quality home repairs, guaranteeing our workmanship, and leaving the work area clean to your satisfaction.  That’s the GPE difference.

Like most things, electrical cabling gets old and worn and will eventually need replacing.  Don’t take a chance with a potential fire hazard.  In older buildings, your electrical cabling should be checked and replaced if it has degraded.  Electrical Rewires and Electrical Refurbishment can be done with a minimum of interference, so update your electrical rewires before disaster strikes.

REMEMBER: A registered electrical contractor must be engaged to carry out electrical work around your property.  It is illegal and dangerous for unqualified people to perform electricity or gas work around the home.


Landlord and property manager responsibilities

Your electricity safety responsibilities as the landlord or manager of a property.  The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 requires a landlord to ensure that rented accommodation is maintained in good repair. “Good repair” includes all electrical appliances provided by the landlord. These must be safe to use and properly maintained.  There are two critical areas relating to electricity safety:
  • Proper installation of new or replacement electricity appliances;      
  • Correct maintenance and use of existing appliances by following manufacturers’ instructions.

Failure to meet these requirements can cause death or serious injury as well as serious property damage.

Tenants also have responsibilities, including reporting appliance faults to the landlord or the landlord’s agent.

It is recommended that landlords / agents arrange an electrical Home Safety Inspection of their property before it is leased, or between tenancies, to ensure that wiring and other electrical installations are safe for tenants, their families and visitors to the property.  Inspections should be carried out every two years.

Distribution Boards

In 2007 the Australian Standards, which included distribution boards, were updated to ensure the safety of persons should they come into contact with a faulty appliance or electrical installation.  RCD (safety) circuit breakers should be installed into your distribution Board.  If you have power points that regularly trip out, this may be the sign of something more sinister.  Have a qualified electrician check your Distribution Board and advise you on its suitability. It may be overdue for a refurbishment.
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